The Best Travel Coffee Grinder, What does it look like?

With the improvement of the quality of life, some coffee addicts are no longer pursuing a cup of Starbucks, and their tastes have become picky, even pursuing the most essential taste of coffee. I once heard a senior barista say such a sentence: If you have prepared $1,000 to buy coffee equipment, then please reserve $700 of it for the grinder. A good cup of coffee is inseparable from five factors: green beans, roasting, grinding, good water, and extraction. For opponent coffee lovers, simply enjoying the process of brewing a cup of coffee, regardless of time and cost, is an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling thing.

In reality, few people may allocate their budgets this way, but this at least proves that the importance of the grinder is no less than that of the coffee machine. To make a good cup of coffee, two conditions are indispensable: good coffee beans and a good grinder. However, ordinary household hand grinders are not only laborious but also unable to precisely control the grinding degree and lose the original flavor. The coffee in many specialty coffee shops is "grind and brew", that is, freshly ground and brewed on-site to maintain the best freshness.

Therefore, if you want to make a good cup of coffee by yourself, an excellent grinder is very necessary; it must also meet the requirements of uniform grinding, accurate scale, cost-effective, labor-saving, and best appearance.

Portable travel coffee grinder

1. Portable and wireless, fresh and unlimited.

First of all, Soulhand is an electric grinder. Coffee in many specialty coffee shops is "grind and brew", freshly ground and brewed on-site to maintain the best freshness.

It adopts a USB interface rechargeable design, which can be used anytime and anywhere without being restricted by the power supply. It can be taken to work, picnics, or business trips.
It only takes about 180 minutes to fully charge, 1200mAh lithium battery, which can continuously grind for 7-8 times...


2. 5 external levels of thickness adjustment

For different varieties of coffee beans, Soulhand designs 5 levels of adjustment which actually correspond to different grinding times and thicknesses. The circular turntable located in the middle of the product is equipped with 5 gears. The fineness of the coffee powder can be adjusted in real-time by the turntable in the middle of the grinder to meet all the requirements of users. Note: The thickness should be adjusted according to the baking depth.

It is recommended to use fine powder for espresso machines, the medium-fine powder is recommended for pour-over and mocha pots, the medium-coarse powder is recommended for siphon pots and French press pots, and the thickness of coffee beans can be adjusted with a simple twist so that coffee powders of different densities can be adjusted. Fully show your taste.

From coffee bean grinding to hot water brewing coffee, it only takes 5 minutes at the fastest. It is fast, good, and carefree. Compared with the time-consuming and laborious hand-cranked grinder, Soulhand’s smart bean grinding experience, It's so convenient!

3. High-precision spiral ceramic grinding core

Soulhand uses the design of a spiral conical grinding disc. This design is similar to the principle of a slow juicer. By reducing the grinding speed, the coffee beans are more evenly ground and the heat dissipation is effectively reduced.
Their spiral conical grinding discs are made of ceramics, which are more durable than traditional stainless steel, and the noise is reduced to a minimum. What's more intimate is that it is equipped with an induction device. When the grinder finishes grinding the beans, it will automatically recognize it, and it will stop when the power is cut off. Most grinders on the market are large, heavy, and expensive. And it is the same size as a carrying water cup, and it can be placed in any place such as a desk, a bedroom desk, a dining room, etc.
The size of the thermos cup makes it easy to carry when going out.

If you don't want to go to the store to line up, wait for the takeaway guy, and want to enjoy freshly ground quality coffee at any time, it is better to move the "cafe" directly to your home or office! Wake up in the morning, leisure time in the afternoon, sprints during overtime work, weekend gatherings or reading a good book and listening to a good song by yourself... Rare time for yourself, enjoy coffee by yourself, a warm cup of energy!

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