5 Best Vacuum Coffee Canisters to Buy in 2022

A few days ago, I found that there was a canister of coffee beans in the house that I didn't know how long it was stored in a glass jar.In surprise, I made a cup of coffee to drink. The taste is indescribable. Not at all the good taste in memory.

It really looks like a canister of poor coffee beans that have been forgotten for a long time.

I have previously written an article on 11 vacuum coffee canisters that are worth recommending in 2021, click here to view. Today I will only introduce 5 of my favorites.

Why use vacuum cans to preserve coffee?

I often want to drink a cup of coffee brewed with beans roasted from my favorite coffee shop at home. At first, it has a strong aroma, but after a period of time, the taste does not return to before. In the end, I can only reluctantly throw away a large bag of coffee beans. Buy a new pack.

The reason is very simple, that is, the coffee is affected by "air, sunlight, humidity" and so on after being opened for one or two weeks, which makes the coffee go bad.

The oxidative reaction in the adjacent air causes the flavor of the coffee to dissipate and lose its original aroma.

The coffee beans should also be stored in a dark environment without direct sunlight as much as possible, reduce the exposure to light, and avoid factors such as ultraviolet rays to speed up the deterioration of coffee beans.

When coffee beans are placed in a high temperature and high humidity environment, it is easy to absorb moisture and surrounding odors, making the coffee beans stale and deteriorated.

What jars can keep my coffee beans?

General Glass Jar

Generally, glass jars have poor shading properties, and cannot reduce or avoid the contact between coffee beans and air. Switching on and off for a long time will degrade the quality of coffee beans. If you want to use the same coffee beans to brew the flavor as when first bought them, it is necessary to reconfigure the ratio of coffee powder to water in order to enhance its flavor.

Sealed Jar

Most airtight jars have good shading properties. Although they can keep out of contact with the outside air when the airtight jar is closed, they cannot prolong the storage time of coffee beans if they are switched on and off for a long time. It will go bad soon, it is recommended to use it in a coffee shop where the coffee beans are consumed quickly.

Vacuum Canister

The use of vacuum canisters to store coffee beans has greatly improved the ability to isolate air compared to the above two. As long as the air is drawn out after use, the flavor and aroma of coffee can be more effectively maintained, which is suitable for slow consumption of coffee beans. For general household or personal use.

【SOULHAND】Vacuum Coffee Canister

Soulhand vacuum coffee canister has been recommended by many coffee bloggers.Such as beanground, aboveaveragecoffee and so on.

This is a truly technologically innovative coffee can.Compared with other models that require manual twisting, this one of Soulhand can achieve the vacuum state and release the vacuum with just a few finger presses.

In appearance, very neat and consistent and stackable. My favorite is the neatness of its’ touch surface. All functions can be achieved with just a few finger presses.

This vacuum coffee can has 1.6L and 1.2L, you can choose freely.


【FELLOW】Atmos Glass/Stainless Steel Vacuum Seal Tank

Fellow's products have always been loved by baristas. The Atmos vacuum-sealed jar produced by Fellow is also very eye-catching, with a simple and neat shape. Like Fellow's carter cup, it is a round cylindrical shape. Turn the bottle back and forth in the clockwise direction to vacuum the bottle, and press the circular button in the middle to release the vacuum state and open it easily.

The capacity is 0.4L / 0.7L / 1.2L to choose, diameter 11cm / height 8.5cm; diameter 11cm / height 12.5cm; diameter 11cm / height 17cm.There are glass models and stainless steel models, respectively. Have better shading!


【TIMEMORE】Vacuum Fresh Glass Sealed Jar

One of Taimore’s products has a high CP value, and both the temperature-controlled pot that was launched a while ago or the third-generation coffee scale have been well received. This simple-looking and affordable vacuum canister have been bought a bunch to stock up.

It should be noted that the lid of this airtight jar is "non-washable" and can only be wiped with a damp cloth, otherwise it may affect the subsequent vacuum effect.

It's very convenient to use, just press the round button on the top to vacuum the jar, expel the excess air and prolong the preservation time.

There is also an exhaust valve on the lid, and the lid can be opened by pressing it to remove the vacuum state.

Because it is made of glass, it is not afraid of residual odor when storing various ingredients, whether coffee beans, dried fruits, noodles, grains, etc. can be easily stored. The transparent glass jar also makes the ingredients clear at a glance.

Available in three sizes 400ml, 800ml, 1200ml.


【Matrix】Vacuum preservation glass sealed jar

This Matrix vacuum-preserving glass airtight jar is not inferior to other brands in terms of appearance and practicality.

What's more special is that when you press the vacuum button on the top cover, the button will continue to drop as a whole, and if you can still press it in a very non-vacuum state. Press the red exhaust valve in the middle to release the vacuum state

There are also 400ml, 800ml, 1200ml capacities to choose from.


《ANKOMN》Rotating vacuum sealed tank

Compared with the Fellow Atmos vacuum tank, this Taiwan-made "ANKOMN" rotary vacuum sealed tank is not only more affordable, but also functional. At the same time, it has also obtained patents in many countries, and it is sold in more than 30 countries around the world. It is recommended and loved by various well-known baristas. Even the well-known barista James Hoffman (author of the coffee world map) has recommended this. "ANKOMN" rotary vacuum It is a pity that only the material of the plastic box is available for selection.

In terms of use, as long as you rotate the top cover, you can easily pump air, and press the air release valve next to it to allow air to enter the bottle body and easily open the jar. The heightened design of the bottom allows the ANKOMN rotary vacuum-sealed canisters to be easily stacked without taking up space.

The capacity is divided into 0.3L / 0.6L / 1.2L / 1.5L / 2.4L, and the color is divided into transparent / semi-transparent black / white / black