7 The Best Pour Over Coffee Dripper of 2022

We have selected 7 best pour over coffee dripper in our evaluation, with cup type/rib(groove)/hole/capacity/material (glass/plastic resin/ceramic/stainless steel)/filter method (filter paper/filter mesh/filter) Cloth) and other configurations, advantages and disadvantages, prices have been compared. We hope it can help you quickly find the best pour-over coffee filter cup that belongs to you.

  1. Introduction to pour-over coffee

To make a high-quality pour-over coffee, you need a pour-over coffee filter, a temperature-controlled pour-over pot and an electronic scale.

Using a powder-water ratio of about 1:15 and a water temperature of 88-93 degrees, brewing and drip-filtering in a certain way by hand, the total extraction time is controlled at about 2-3min. The purpose is to achieve the best extraction rate range and obtain the best taste by relatively accurately controlling the extraction temperature, extraction time, and water-to-powder ratio.

Hand brewing pays attention to techniques and skills, and artificially controls many variables such as the proportion of gouache, water temperature, water injection method, water flow thickness, steaming time, brewing time, etc. And also according to different origins and different degrees of roasting beans make adjustments to the brewing method, mainly producing high-quality single-origin coffee, interpreting the flavor of the place of origin.

The advantages of pour over coffee are: there are many variables, high playability. You can make different attempts and experience different flavor expressions; once you master the skills, you can make high-quality pour over coffee; the production process has a sense of ritual.

The disadvantages of pour over coffee are: there are a lot of equipment to prepare, there are many variables. It is not easy to make a stable taste, and the techniques and skills need time to learn and explore. The production is more troublesome, and the whole process must be operated by yourself. A complete set of high-quality coffee compared with French press pots, Moka pots, siphon pots and other appliances, the investment is higher.

  1. Purchase Notes 

Pour over coffee requires skill, and there are many variables in the extraction process. Different pour over coffee filter cups have great differences in extraction flow rate and total extraction time. Therefore, when using different filter cups, there will be different flavor performances. It can also be matched with different brewing methods for better taste.

2.1 Types of filter bowls
2.1.1 Cup Type
  • Conical filter bowl: Represented by Hario V60. The flow rate is fast, the total extraction time is short, the taste is clean and bright, and the layering is strong. But pay attention to brewing skills to avoid uneven extraction.
  • Trapezoidal filter bowl: Represented by Melita, Kalita. The flow rate is slower and the taste is more mellow. It should be noted that the total extraction time should not be too long to avoid excessive extraction and heavy bitterness.
  • Flat-bottomed bowl: Represented by Kalita Wave. The flow rate is slow, the extraction is more uniform, the taste is similar to the trapezoidal cup, and the mellowness is better. Also avoid overextraction.
  • All-in-one coffee maker (filter cup + bottom pot): Represented by Chemex. The filter cup and the bottom pot are one-piece, decorated with solid wood and leather rope waist, and the appearance is retro and elegant. The upper part of the filter bowl has no ribs, but uses a single groove for exhaust, which has a slower flow rate and a thicker taste. The filter paper used is thicker than other styles, and the filter is cleaner.
 2.1.2 Ribs/grooves

The rib/groove of the filter cup refers to the raised design on the surface of the filter cup, so that there is a certain gap between the filter cup and the filter paper, in order to facilitate the release of gas and the circulation of water flow during the extraction process.

Spiral long ribs: Represented by Hario V60. The total path of water flow is extended, the speed of water flow is accelerated, the taste is rich in layers, and the flavor is bright, which better reflects the fruity and sour taste of beans. However, care should be taken to avoid insufficient extraction and thin flavor due to too fast flow rate.

Straight Long Ribs: Straight ribs run from the top of the bowl to the bottom. Compared with the spiral rib, the water flow path is shorter and the flow rate is relatively slow.

Straight short ribs: Represented by KONO. Only the lower 1/2 part of the filter cup has straight ribs, so the upper part of the filter paper will stick to the filter cup wall after absorbing water, and the upper part will be limited to exhaust air, which will increase the soaking time of the coffee powder, and the taste will be stronger.

Ribless (or with horizontal circle stripes): Represented by Kalita Wave. It needs to be used with cake-type filter paper. That is, the protrusions are made on the filter paper. The taste is more mellow and solid, and the sweetness is better.

2.1.3 Holes

The number and size of holes in the bottom of the filter bowl will also affect the extraction flow rate and total extraction time. The larger and the number of holes, the faster the flow rate, and the higher the requirements for brewing technology.

2.2 Capacity

The size of the pour over coffee filter determines the maximum amount of coffee powder that can be added at one time (the filter should not be overfilled, otherwise it will affect the uniformity and integrity of the extraction). The capacity of the filter cup ranges from single serving to multiple servings, you can choose according to your own needs.

2.3 Material

Plastic/Resin: Lightweight and portable. Note that you need to buy BPA-free products.

Ceramic: The insulation effect is better, but it is thicker and heavier, and it is fragile.

Glass: Transparent, easy to observe and watch, fragile, pay attention to the purchase of heat-resistant borosilicate glass products.

Metal: Lighter with good gloss. After use, it needs to be wiped dry to avoid rust.

Stainless steel: Lighter, single color, not easy to rust, relatively higher price.

2.4 Filtering method
2.4.1 Filter paper

Advantages: Convenient, can be discarded after use. Filtered clean, no residue.

Cons: Less environmentally friendly, grease is completely filtered out. May have a "paper smell".

2.4.2 Stainless Steel Screen

Advantages: Environmentally friendly and reusable; need to be cleaned after each use, but it is more convenient to clean; retains the coffee grease, and the taste is more mellow.

Disadvantages: The ultra-fine powder is not filtered cleanly, and there may be a sense of slag.

2.4.3 Filter cloth

Advantages: It does not filter out grease, and the taste is between the cleanness of the filter paper and the mellowness of the stainless steel filter, which is more balanced.

Disadvantages: It is more troublesome to clean and store. After washing, it needs to be dried in the sun, otherwise it will breed bacteria.

  1. Featured Reviews (7 models)

3.1 Soulhand Pour Over Coffee Maker




  • Split design, each part can be disassembled for easy cleaning;
  • Includes a share pot, fully equipped, no need to buy a coffee pot separately;
  • Long ribs to speed up the flow rate; the taste is rich in layers and bright in flavor, which can better reflect the sour taste of beans. 


  • Fast flow rate, requires certain brewing skills to avoid insufficient extraction

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3.2 Chemex One-Piece Pour-Over Coffee Maker


  • Classic style, retro beauty
  • All-in-one design, no need to use or buy a bottom pot/sharing pot separately
  • Various capacities available
  • Solid wood corsets are insulated and non-slip


  • Slightly expensive
  • The price of special filter paper is slightly more expensive than other styles of filter paper
  • The solid wood corset should be wiped dry in time after it gets wet

Minimalist review: An all-in-one pour-over coffee maker with classic beauty, good reviews, and high sales.

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3.3 Bodum Pour Over One-Piece Coffee Maker


  • All-in-one design, no need to use or buy a bottom pot/sharing pot separately
  • Various capacities and colors are available
  • Reusable stainless steel filter screen, no filter paper required
  • Silicone corset for heat insulation and non-slip


  • There will be a small amount of fine powder
  • The filter needs to be cleaned after each use

Minimalist Review: A well-received stainless steel filter integrated pour-over coffee maker.

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3.4 Hario V60 Coffee Dripper


  • High sales and professional recognition, and cost-effective;
  • Glass/metal/resin/ceramic various materials, 9 colors, 3 capacities are available;
  • Spiral long ribs, speeding up the flow rate, rich texture and bright flavor, better reflect the sour taste of beans


  • Faster flow rate, requires certain brewing skills to avoid under-extraction.

Minimalist review: A well-recognized pin-crown filter bowl.

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3.5 Plastic - Abid Clever Coffee Dripper


  • The operation is very simple, no need for any pour over skills. Pour in hot water, cover and soak for 3 minutes, stir, and then put it on the bottom cup to automatically start filtering;
  • Variables (extraction temperature, time) are controllable, and the product is very stable;
  • 2 colors available.


  • Larger and heavier than regular filter bowls;
  • Fool-style means low playability.

Minimalist comment: Fool-like operation, giving you a smart filter bowl with stable quality.

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3.6 Ceramic Material - Simply Charmed Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Filter


  • Trapezoidal cup type, 3-hole design, controllable flow rate, novice-friendly
  • Ceramic material, heat preservation and safety
  • Available in 5 colors


  • Single serving, smaller capacity
  • Slightly heavy

Minimalist comment: A safe, reliable, and decent ceramic filter bowl.

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3.7 Stainless Steel - Kalita Wave Hand Brew Coffee Filter


  • The stainless steel material is very light and portable (ceramic and glass materials are also available);
  • Flat-bottom filter cup, with special raised filter paper, the flow rate is slow, the extraction is more uniform, the taste is mellow and solid, and the sweetness is better;
  • Unique and beautiful appearance.


  • Need to purchase special matching filter paper.

Minimalist review: A classic cake strainer, with high error tolerance and novice friendly.

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