A must have for travel- Portable Espresso Maker

What is your unique must-have item during the journey?

Coffee during the trip should be essential. Whether it is in the early morning or in a tiring afternoon, it is a good item that can relieve anxiety and fatigue blindly.

Are you accustomed to buying a cup of coffee from a roadside coffee shop, or are you accustomed to brewing a cup of instant coffee? Or are you accustomed to bringing coffee beans that suit your taste for grinding and brewing?

A brief cup of Espresso will allow you to take a break from the journey and get a chance to relax.

This portable espresso maker newly launched by Soulhand can meet the requirement of espresso for yourself anytime, anywhere.


(1) Lithium battery design, charge for 3 hours, can concentrate 100 cups, it can be shared with friends; when you are tired of the same coffee beans in the hotel, you might as well compress a cup by yourself, the familiar taste will make you feel at ease.

(2) With 18 BAR pressure, it can squeeze rich Crema.

(3) Electric one-button start, eliminating the need for manual pressing (ensure sufficient pressure to press out rich Crema)

(4) Coffee capsules and coffee powder are used together to meet various needs.


During the journey, bring your belongings, keep the familiar feeling, and get on the road easily.


In fact, no matter if we are on a business trip or traveling with backpacks, we bring familiar items on the road, no matter where we go, it is a place of peace of mind.


This portable espresso maker, a small one, is placed in the backpack and can be taken out at any time for a cup of espresso, which is very convenient.

People who are accustomed to a certain coffee taste will bring a familiar taste, and the journey will be a lot happier.


Compared with manual espresso maker, this electric is more stable in pressure. With 18 BAR pressure, it can concentrate very rich Crema and full of aroma.

Compared with the huge machines in coffee shops, it realizes the vision of having a cup anytime and anywhere outdoors. It's no longer a huge machine, it's the same size as a water cup, and it can be easily put into a backpack.

Compared with instant coffee, espresso has a stronger aroma; at the same time, you can add a little milk and water to make your own coffee.