What is a good cup of coffee?

First question: why drink coffee?

I guess there are two reasons:

  1. Focus on efficacy: Mainly for refreshing, with increased metabolism and antioxidant;
  2. Fancy taste: delicious!

So, what aspects should a good coffee contain? This article will try to deconstruct these seemingly simple 2 words.

1 What is good coffee?

Good coffee = good taste + good quality

For food, taste is important, but quality is also very important. Taste is subjective, but quality has certain standards.

(1) Good quality

Green coffee beans: No pollution during the planting process; there are no immature beans, stunted beans, spoiled black beans, moldy beans, over-fermented beans, mechanically damaged beans, and insect-eaten beans during the processing of raw beans.

Cooked coffee beans: There are no green beans or carbonized beans caused by baking errors.

(2) Good taste

Good taste is a personal favorite, which is a subjective judgment.

Coffee is a kind of drink. Regardless of its efficacy, we hope that coffee can bring us pleasure. Going deeper, want to know why coffee has such a rich taste? What flavors does coffee contain? What factors affect the flavor? etc…

To understand this, you need to know more about the world of coffee. Whether you buy coffee in a cafe or buy coffee beans to make yourself at home, it will help to open your horizons, understand coffee better, and understand your preferences.

2 Tasting coffee

Although the taste of coffee is subjective, in general, most people agree with the following description:

Aroma: Rich;

Taste: Outstanding sweetness, balanced sour, sweet, bitter and salty;

Smell: Smooth and mellow, not astringent;

After rhyme: Long lips and teeth leave fragrance;

Flaws: No unpleasant odors

Generally speaking, coffee beans contain many aromas, mainly including "flowers, fruits, plants" aromas, "nuts, sugar, chocolate" aromas, "resin, spices, charcoal" aromas, and some flawed aromas.

3 Influencing factors of coffee flavor

It can be said that every link of coffee from "seed to cup" has an impact on coffee flavor, and the degree of impact is roughly as follows:

Coffee bean defect rate (green bean defect & roasting defect) > Cooked bean freshness > Raw bean taste profile > Roasting degree & roasting technology > Production (grinding + extraction)

In fact, we have already had several articles that elaborated on the effects of coffee beans and coffee extracts on coffee flavor.

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