How do you order coffee at a coffee shop?

I believe that many friends have the same experience: I entered the coffee shop but didn’t want to drink coffee with milk that day. I wanted to order a cup of pour-over coffee but stared at the dazzling array of beans. I’m at a loss...

This article will start from five points to help you easily order a cup of pour-over coffee that you are satisfied with in the coffee shop!

1. Sour or mellow?

There are hundreds of flavors of coffee, sometimes with a flower-like aroma, sometimes with a fruit-like sweet and sour aroma, sometimes with the aroma of toast, and sometimes a smooth chocolate-like taste... It can be said that every cup of Coffee has its unique taste!

But no matter how complicated the flavor description is, it can basically be summarized into two major flavors: one is lighter and more sour and fruity, and the other is less sour, full-bodied, and bitter.

Knowing which characteristic of coffee you like is the most important first step!

2. Light baking? Medium roast? Deep baking?

After knowing whether you like sour or full-bodied coffee, you can directly tell the coffee shop the coffee roasting degree you like. Generally, light baking is easier to bring out the sweetness and sourness of the fruit. In contrast, medium roasting to deep roasting is more likely to have a toast-like aroma. Coffee people like to call it "roasted taste". The flavor is more mellow and has relatively less acidity.

3. Which country should I choose?

Do you see many countries far away from you and don’t know what to do? Here we teach you to classify by "state".

South America: Including Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela. Generally, coffee beans from South America have a strong sour taste, which is a relatively strong type of coffee. However, it is worth mentioning that Brazilian coffee is a bit different from other South American styles. The acidity is usually low, and it often brings out the sweet flavor of chocolate or sugar cane.

Africa: Including Ethiopia, Luanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi. Africa often has a sweet and sour taste like tropical fruits. The taste is thinner, if you like light and refreshing flavor, this is the first choice!

Central America: Including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica. Central America is known for its "balance", which is both sour and sweet, and has a mellow taste. If you don't particularly like sourness or refreshing tonality, this is a good choice!

Asia: Including Indonesia, India, Yemen, China, Vietnam. Usually Asian coffee has a stronger sense of mellowness. The acidity is low, and it is often replaced by a spice or herb aroma! This is a good choice for those who like the rich taste!

4. Flavor description

In fact, flavor description is a more subjective judgment. At the same time, two different SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) cup testers are invited to evaluate, and different flavors may appear. The main reason is that there is a certain difference in the standard of each taste in everyone's memory. But for example, if you like cantaloupe and it happens to be in the flavor description, then just click it bravely!

5. Keep in a good mood!

Have you ever heard of saying 10 good things to plants every day, it will grow very well, and better than other plants! So is coffee! If you want to have a good cup of pour-over coffee, it is absolutely necessary to keep a good mood!

Even if you still don’t know what to order, a good mood can guide you to order the cup of coffee that suits you best!

If you want to start making a cup of pour over coffee yourself, please refer to

what should I look for in a pour over coffee. Choose the right coffee kettle and make your own pour over coffee.

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