Pour Over Coffee, Awesome Sense of Ceremony

The fact of making coffee by hand always makes me feel awe-inspiring ritual, like the secret excitement of waiting for the sunrise, small and surging. Perhaps put it this way, what a good cup of brewed coffee taught me is about "slowly refined".

Weigh the roasted fresh coffee beans, pour them into the grinder, the movement is running, and the aroma of beans will open in the air in an instant.

I like to grind beans to make coffee in the early morning. The water flow in the slender pot is slow and graceful as if it gently opened the curtain of a day. I always feel that brewing coffee by hand is an awe-inspiring ritual, as if I am waiting for the sunrise as if I am secretly excited, small, and surging. Every time I see the heat of the water flowing out of the thin-mouthed pot and the strong coffee aroma fill the room with the rhythm of the hands, I will suddenly have an illusion of freedom, as if seeing the body that is increasingly trapped in the haze of life begins to become clear... …Perhaps to put it this way, what a cup of great pour-over coffee taught me is about "slowly refined". 

In fact, pour-over coffee requires high-quality coffee beans. If you are used to fasting coffee with sugar and milk in street shops, you really need to re-understand the original taste of "coffee" from such a cup of coffee. 

Usually, you should grind coffee beans before brewing, and every time you buy new beans, try to drink them within two weeks. Coffee is actually a very fragile thing. Improper storage will allow it to absorb unpleasant odors. The flavor escapes and dissipates completely.

It is said that a perfect cup of pour-over coffee requires the brewer to have more than 5 years of coffee experience, not only skilled, but also able to adjust the brewing method according to different varieties, water temperature, and drinker preferences so that the coffee is always present in front of people. A perfect balance of "sweet, sour, bitter, mellow, and fragrant".

Operations that seem to be easy and highly similar actually contain a variety of taste possibilities. Even the coffee brewed by the same person does not taste exactly the same every time. However, it is this mysterious uncertainty that makes people look forward to the upcoming coffee incident, and those focused, rigorous and rational steps have added a romantic temperament.

"Coffee drinking" is originally a stylish thing. Even the Italians who wake up in the morning and buy a cup of ESPRESSO and drink it all in one sip are elegant. Pour-over coffee, because of the investment of time and wisdom, a sense of gift-the tiny and delicate gift that life gives us.

If your days are repeated at two o'clock in the line of work and get off work, and even start to feel like instant coffee, it’s time to try your own pour-over coffee. At least, a cup of really strong good coffee can make the whole room scented in an instant, and the haze in life will also become less melancholy because of the awakened "one person's exquisiteness".