Have You Really Stored the Coffee Beans Well?

Do you feel distressed because the coffee beans get damp and the flavor disappears?

A good cup of coffee starts with high-quality coffee beans. In addition to picking out good coffee beans that have the taste and flavor, how to store the coffee beans and preserve the freshness and aroma of the coffee beans to the utmost extent has naturally become an indispensable task.

First, make sure the coffee beans are in a closed and dry space.

When storing coffee beans, the biggest enemies are air, sunlight, heat and moisture.

Therefore, if you want to store as long as possible, you need to store the coffee beans at a dry room temperature. At the same time, when choosing a coffee canister, try to avoid choosing a transparent can to prevent the light from affecting the flavor of the coffee.

In addition, please remember to store the coffee beans in a dark and dry place. Home ovens and kitchen stoves are not a good choice. If the temperature near the oven is too high, too much heat will be transferred to the coffee beans; the afternoon sunlight in the kitchen is often strong, and it is not suitable for storage. 

The packaging of freshly bought coffee beans is not suitable for long-term storage, and a closed coffee canister is the best choice.

Second, buy the right amount of coffee beans

You know, coffee beans almost lose their original freshness after roasting. Try to buy a small amount of coffee beans several times, about 1-2 weeks is enough.

Exposing coffee beans to the air can be a disaster. If you are willing to store coffee beans in several jars, take out a small amount of commonly used coffee beans and store them separately, and store the remaining coffee beans in a closed coffee jar. This may be a better choice.

The more coffee beans you buy, the more you are exposed to the air. If you buy a lot of coffee beans, just grind out the amount you need before brewing.

Third, frozen coffee beans?

Freshness is essential for a cup of coffee. Experts also agree that coffee beans should be enjoyed as soon as possible after roasting, especially when the sealing ring of the storage tank is broken.

At present, the more controversial point is whether coffee beans should be frozen in order to maintain the umami taste? In fact, the main point of contention is whether coffee will absorb a lot of water and affect its flavor.

In a closed coffee canister, there will still be a small amount of air entering. Just imagine, we store food in the refrigerator to prevent it from spoiling, why can't we store coffee beans?

However, if you choose to store the coffee beans in a freezer, please make sure that you take out the amount you need as soon as possible each time you take them out. Before the ice cubes on the surface of the coffee beans have condensed into water droplets, remove the remaining amount. Put the coffee beans back into the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Above, will you store the coffee beans correctly?

When choosing coffee cans, try to choose airtight, sealed canisters and avoid transparent glass cans. Soulhand coffee canisters follow the above principles and design a variety of coffee cans with different needs.


Pure black appearance, even if the light is strong, it can maintain the flavor of coffee beans to the utmost extent;

In a closed space, the entire mouth of the coffee canister is tightly sealed with a sealing ring, so as not to let the coffee beans come into contact with fresh oxygen;

The special thing about this coffee pot is that in addition to the black seal on the outside, there is also a layer of glass inside to store coffee beans. The double-layer design can better prevent the coffee beans from spoiling.

Finally, an extra spoon is given, and an appropriate amount of coffee beans is taken out each time.