Why Use a Vacuum Coffee Canister?

Oxidation and aroma volatilization are irreversible after coffee beans are roasted. Therefore, coffee lovers have always been meticulous about the preservation of beans. This article will explain why to use vacuum coffee canisters from the perspective of the changing process of coffee beans.

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1. What Is Degassing Coffee?

2. The Best Flavor Period

3. Packaging Bags of Cooked Coffee Beans

4. Flavor Trend of Oxidation Process

5. About Italian-style Degassing Beans

6. About the Choice of Sealed Containers

7. Low Temperature and Low Humidity are The Top Priority

8. The Use of Frozen Beans and Small Disadvantages

9. About Vacuum Coffee Canister

10. Recommend My Using Brand


  1. What Is Degassing Coffee?

The freshly roasted coffee beans have too much carbon dioxide, and various flavors cannot be fully released, making them tasteless. Therefore, it’s not the fresher the beans are, the better. It takes a period of time to do "exhaust". We also call them Degassing Coffee. Most of the single-origin beans can be drunk after 24 hours.

  1. The Best Flavor Period

After degassing beans (approximately 24-48 hours), they start drinking until the time when the flavor is clearly deficient, known as the peak flavor period. Taking a moderately roasted bean as an example, the best flavor period is around 30 days. For light roasts, about 40-50 days, while dark roasts have a shorter flavor period, usually within 30 days.

The best flavor period mentioned above is based on certain storage conditions, that is, three key factors for preserving cooked beans: Sealing, Avoiding light, and Preventing moisture.

Most of the coffee beans bought by the newbies in the store or online have passed the best flavor period, so the gamer circle has always scoffed at bulk commercial beans and imported brand beans. It is often a business that has purchased roasted beans in recent days or after placing an order to ensure that they receive the freshest beans possible.

  1. Packaging Bags of Cooked Coffee Beans

Most are one-way vent valve bags lined with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can block light and air. The function of the one-way vent valve is to expel excess carbon dioxide so that the bag will not burst without opening.

The bag is useless after you get the beans. Because once the bean raising is done, there is no need to let it vent any more. When you press around the exhaust valve and smell the coffee aroma, in addition to the carbon dioxide, many aromas are also exhausted and lost. So changing the container seal is the first step, and when you open the lid for coffee, you're done venting.

For example, we use a kraft paper aluminum foil bag with a one-way exhaust valve and a sealing strip that can be used repeatedly, but this packaging is not suitable for long-term storage of cooked beans. Therefore, the jar of the one-way exhaust valve is naturally not recommended.

  1. Flavor Trend of Oxidation Process

The flavor trend after finishing Degassing Coffee is as follows

  1. The fruit acid is sharp and bright →
  2. The fruit acid is bright and the aroma is enhanced →
  3. The fruit acid softens and the aroma and sweetness are enhanced →
  4. The various flavors are balanced →
  5. The sourness and aroma are weakened and the miscellaneous tastes begin to appear →
  6. Not fresh Defective flavors are evident (beyond the best flavor period).

The speed of this process will vary according to the preservation and roasting depth of the cooked beans. In addition, people's taste experience and tasting ability are different. Therefore, some people can feel this phased change in 3 days, while others feel that it will take 5 days.

Arrow marks are for reference. Because the flavor is constantly changing, you should actually decide the length of the beans and the best flavor period according to your own taste.

  1. About Italian-style Degassing Beans

Italian style uses high pressure extraction, the flavor is amplified and compacted, so it is not suitable when the flavor is too bright or too exciting, which is why most Italian styles use medium roasting degree and use blended beans, the purpose is to make the flavor towards balance and reduces irritation.

Therefore, the 3 and 4 flavor directions in the flavor direction label are more suitable for Italian style. In addition, the soy oil that is too fresh in Italian extraction will be rough, affecting the taste and appearance and dissipating quickly.

This is the reason why Italian bean degassing period is longer than single beans, often in a week or even longer.

  1. About the Choice of Sealed Containers

As mentioned earlier, the bag with the one-way exhaust valve will discharge too much aroma, so even if it can be repeatedly sealed, it is not suitable for long-term use.

Therefore, sealed canisters are the first choice. Try to choose sealed canisters without odor. In addition, sealed canisters do not necessarily mean sealed. Most airtight canisters will leak a bit, which is normal. And there is also air in the tank, and the coffee beans will continue to oxidize at a slower rate. So sealing is to prolong the life of freshness.

  1. Low Temperature and Low Humidity are The Top Priority

Many friends will find that the beans will develop defective flavors faster in summer than in winter. High temperature and high humidity are to be avoided as much as possible. So under the premise of sealing, the freezing method has always been recommended. Of course, if it can be consumed in a relatively short period of time, the flavor changes stored at room temperature are acceptable.

Freezing is not refrigeration, that is, the coffee beans should be placed on the frozen ice cubes and meat layer, not on the fresh-keeping refrigerated layer. Because the fresh-keeping environment is low temperature, the humidity is too high, which is not conducive to the preservation of beans. The freezing area has lower temperature and very low humidity. By the way, I also correct a misunderstanding. Freezing is very dry and not humid.

The reason for using the freezing method to preserve beans is very simple, because freezing is still the best way to prolong the life of ingredients. Whether it is chicken, duck, fish, or even human organs and the world's seed bank, as well as male tadpoles, the freezing method is widely used, showing its breadth.

Scientifically speaking, low temperatures slow down the movement of molecules, and in the vernacular, freezing locks ingredients in a relatively stable state.

So don't put it in the freezer immediately to maintain a high freshness. It should be stored in the freezer when you think it is the best flavor after degassing beans. The water content of cooked beans is very low, so they will not freeze and can be used directly after taking them out. There's nothing magical about it, rice and green beans won't freeze even if they're frozen.

  1. The Use of Frozen Beans and Small Disadvantages

I just said that freezing will not make the beans freeze, and they can be directly ground and made after taking them out. After taking out the amount to be made, put it back in the freezer ASAP to avoid condensation on the surface of the remaining beans due to the temperature difference.

Of course, there is no need to put it back in a hurry. The shell of the sealed canister can still be kept warm for a few minutes, which is enough time to take out the required amount and weigh it. In addition, the freezing environment is as clean as possible, so there is no need to say more, to avoid odor, or the container is sufficiently sealed, there is no such problem.

A small airtight canister can hold about 20g, and each portion is sealed and frozen independently, which can not only be taken out quickly without affecting other beans, but also saves the time of weighing. I have recommended it in business stores, but there are not many users, mostly because of it's troublesome.

Another small disadvantage of the freezing method is that the flavor will become a little dull, but the effect is very small. The freezing method can prolong the best flavor period of the beans for several months, so compared with the stale taste, this small disadvantage seems insignificant.

For friends who are slow to use beans, you can also use the simplest experiment to verify the freezing method. Divide the cooked beans in your hand into two, one is sealed at room temperature, and the other is sealed and frozen. After 2-3 months, compare the result.

  1. About Vacuum Coffee Canister

After sealing, the air can be extracted, which can greatly slow down the oxidation, such as the vacuum plug of red wine.

Vacuum coffee canister can be said to be an upgraded version of sealed canister, most of which are manually vacuumed. I've always been a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of manually vacuuming coffee canister. Because some of the air does get pulled out, but it's probably harder to do it all.

In addition, the oxidation of coffee beans is from the inside to the outside. Even if it is evacuated, it does not mean that the quality will not change, but it is mainly delayed. It's so time-consuming and laborious, I'd be more than happy to put it in the freezer.

Later, an electric vacuum coffee canister appeared, which is more recommended. The motor will automatically stop when it is vacuumed, and you don’t need to work hard, and the air can be pumped more thoroughly.

For someone with several types of beans to drink, having a plug for each canister is really a bit of a mess. Until a few months ago, I found a vacuum coffee canister designed for storing coffee beans.

  1. Recommend My Using Brand

Before recommending this product, let me briefly explain that what we eat and wear are all commodities. As long as I recommend it, or even just mention it, it is also advertised to a certain extent, but good products should be used by more people. There are indeed some low-quality people on the market now, but as long as you believe that what you are recommending is good things and ideas, continue to recommend them. Now recommended are all carefully tested and screened by us, and such as this product.

This electric vacuum coffee canister has been used for more than 2 months before writing the article, and the effect is certain. In two months, the flavor can develop and change, but there should be no irritating miscellaneous smell. It's mine Require. Then it looks better and easier to use. I bought more than 10 of this canister, and used and tested about 40 different coffee beans at the same time, to ensure that the test results are objective and valid.

The capacity of cooked beans is about 500-600g, and the canister can be placed separately, so it is easier to clean.

Integrated design, very clean and refreshing. All the operation buttons are on this panel, and the function of vacuuming can be completed with a few clicks.

After the canister is turned off, it can be used as an ordinary airtight jar without vacuuming. For example, for freshly baked beans, it can be used without vacuuming first. After degassing, turn on the machine to start the vacuum function, and it will automatically stop after the vacuum is completed. These are the airtight canisters that are used in many studios now. They are very good for storage and display. I will prepare a shelf for them later.

Not needing to be plugged in is important to me, after all there are enough appliances in the studio. This is USB charging, and it can last for 4,000 hours after charging for 3-5 hours, which is equivalent to 5-6 months. You can continue to use it after charging. Compared with the vacuum coffee canisters that use batteries, it is much more environmentally friendly.

Another very specialized design is the automatic vacuum function. No matter what kind of sealed can, there will be some air leakage more or less. This canister has a very user-friendly design for this point - automatic vacuum. That is, after a period of time, it will automatically vacuum to discharge the carbon dioxide and other gases produced by the coffee beans, so as to ensure the freshness of the coffee beans to the greatest extent.

Of course, the only downside is that the tank is clear glass. Lighting may have an effect. But in general, I will place the coffee beans in a cool, low-light place, so this small disadvantage can be ignored instinctively. In addition, this coffee canister has a very high value, clean and refreshing, which can impress me very much.

However, Soulhand is said to be coming soon in a stainless-steel opaque style, but it's unclear when it will hit the market. Can look forward to it.

The price is about $85.99-$89.99 a piece. If you want to know more, you can click here. Use a vacuum coffee canister or freeze it, or just put it in the original packaging bag, according to your own needs. Such as drinking quickly it’s no need to fiddle with these.

This article mainly explains and solves the oxidation process of beans and the changes in flavor, so that more coffee lovers can understand why they do this. As for the application of knowledge, the cost and complexity of the application, it ultimately depends on your requirements of quality and practical.