What kinds of ice coffee are included?

Although it is necessary to drink hot coffee to taste the coffee seriously, the coffee will show different flavor levels from hot to cold. But sometimes I just want to have a cup of cool iced coffee, which is refreshing. In addition to ice American style, I have been seeing ice brewed, ice dripping, nitrogen iced coffee and other iced black coffee in recent years. In the end, they What's the difference?

In fact, we have already had an article before that specifically introduced the difference between cold brew coffee and ice drip coffee.

Iced Americano

The most common iced coffee is iced Americano coffee, which is made from an espresso machine to extract Espresso at high temperature, and then pour it on top of ice cubes and ice water. The ratio of ice cubes to ice water can be determined by the individual. Preference adjustment.

The higher the water ratio, the weaker the coffee taste.

Ice Brew Coffee

Compared with American coffee, which is "hot brew" and then water is added, cold brew coffee uses low temperature to extract coffee, just like cold brew tea. Grind the coffee beans first, put them in a bottle, pour in cold water in proportion, and soak them in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

Without the high-temperature extraction process, many chemical molecules in coffee powder will not be released, and the bitterness, sourness, and oiliness of ice brewed coffee are therefore reduced. But also because of the long-term soaking of water and coffee powder, the caffeine content is higher. It also has a fermented feeling of alcohol. A little bit of ice brewed coffee with ice cubes will make it feel like drinking spirits.

Nitro Coffee

Nitrogen coffee, as the name implies, is to inject nitrogen into black coffee. Most of the market is made with cold brew coffee (a small number of American coffees are also used, but the cold brew taste is generally more smooth and more suitable). The full name should be called Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, through the high-pressure gas valve, nitrogen is injected into the coffee, so that the coffee produces fine nitrogen bubbles. The taste and appearance of nitrogen cold brew coffee are like beer. It tastes silky and dense. You don't need to add milk and sugar, it has the velvety and natural sweetness of milk foam, just like drinking coffee bubble drink!

All in all, ice American, ice brew, and ice drops are all iced black coffee. Even if the same coffee beans are used, the production method and length of time are different, and the price and taste are different. Although low-temperature extraction cannot fully present the characteristics of coffee beans, the unique aroma of coffee after low-temperature natural fermentation can make you a little drunk and sober while drinking coffee. It is also a very charming coffee choice!