The five identities of Espresso coffee

Espresso is Italian, which means "to make it for you immediately". The impulse that arises from coffee is beyond words. In the eyes of those "playing" with coffee, Espresso is no longer a simple "espresso". It is a comprehensive coffee, a roasting method, a coffee brewing method, a cooking, and a life. ...


Identity 1: Comprehensive coffee

Espresso is an art of integrative coffee, which allows people to spend their entire lives studying its formula. Generally speaking, the coffee beans of the sun-dried method have a more mellow taste, while the beans of the washed method have a sweeter taste; the new beans of 1 to 2 years have a lively acidity and taste, while the aged beans are firm and thick. As for the recipe, it is like composing a music concerto, only relying on the long-term experience and self-experiment of the master. It is no wonder that the coffee master enjoys a high status in Italy.


Identity 2: Baking method

Espresso is a roasting method. The "Espresso" you can buy in stores must be heavy roasted coffee beans, suitable for brewing espresso. Espresso often uses a deep roast to drive the lipids to the outlet of the cell pores. At this time, the roasting temperature has exceeded 200°C, and the whole pot of beans may be destroyed in a few seconds. It cannot be said that the mastery of Espresso baking is an art.


Identity 3: cooking method

Espresso is a method of brewing coffee using technology. It must meet the following conditions: the amount of coffee powder is between 5 grams and 8 grams, the water temperature is between 85°C and 95°C, and the water pressure is between 7 and 9 atmospheres. , The filtration time cannot be less than 25 seconds, nor can it be higher than 35 seconds. A cup of coffee brewed in this way is the most fragrant Espresso.


Identity 4: Cooking creativity

Because of the strong flavor of Espresso, it will not be diluted by adding milk or other beverages, so it can be made into various fancy coffees, which has become a creative cuisine.

For example, add milk and cinnamon powder to make a cappuccino; add milk and chocolate sauce to make a coffee mocha; if you only add milk foam, it becomes a cup of macchiato; add fresh cream to make it sweet again Herbalife Blue.


Identity 5: A kind of life

In Italy, Espresso is a must-have for locals in daily life. In the morning, drink a cup of latte (made of milk and Espresso) at home; then, go to the store to ask for a cup of Espresso, drink it in a few sips in front of the bar, and wait for the time, you can talk with people, even coffee The master also joined in at this time, making the cafe a small space for friendship.

Espresso represents not only a taste, but also a way of life. The espresso you take with you is here.