11 Best Vacuum Coffee Canisters of 2021

"Coffee bean canisters" can provide good storage space for unpacked coffee beans. In addition to avoiding the loss of flavor during storage, it also increases the convenience of storage. However, the market is full of products made of various materials such as glass, plastic, stainless steel, etc., and there are also differences in airtightness and light shielding. Those who try to buy for the first time will always feel quite confused.

Although the coffee bean canister on the market is similar in appearance the differences can be found in terms of size, light shielding, and airtightness.

Choose a size that can be enjoyed within one month

If a small number of coffee beans are placed in a large container, they will be easily oxidized and deteriorate due to exposure to air, which will naturally affect their flavor. The best taste period of coffee beans after opening the package is about one month, so one month is recommended. As a benchmark, consider how often you drink coffee to choose the capacity of the bean tank. Generally speaking, a cup of coffee requires about 12g of coffee beans/powder. If you drink one cup per day, you will consume 372g a month. At this time, a 400g bean storage tank would be a good choice.

Choose a style with a good sealing effect

As mentioned earlier, when the oil of coffee beans is constantly in contact with the air, the flavor will deteriorate. In particular, deep-roasted coffee beans with rich oils are more likely to oxidize and deodorize. Therefore, in order to avoid contact with the air, be sure to choose highly sealed products that can completely isolate the outside air. In addition, there are also models on the market that can be stored in a near-vacuum state, and it will be more convenient to use if you can write information such as the date when the coffee beans are placed on the cap.

Choose according to the material

Most of the bean storage tanks on the market are made of glass, metal, enamel, and other materials. In addition to introducing the advantages and disadvantages of various types, the following will also explain the viewpoints of odor adhesion, light-shielding, and ease of use. Hope to help you choose suitable materials according to your personal usage habits and hobbies.

・Glass: no odor remains, easy to confirm the storage state but no shading

・Enamel: no odor remains, light-shielding, strong, and moisture resistant, but heavier

・Ceramics: no odor remains, light-shielding and strong, but heavie

・Stainless steel: excellent shading


11: Felli Square Mini Airtight Canister

Lightweight and portable, a good choice for traveling

In addition to the bean canister made of glass that can clearly see the contents, plastic products also have the same characteristics. This model is made of safe edible plastic, without adding bisphenol. A harmful to the human body during the molding process, which is reassuring in use; and the exquisite square design is not only lightweight and easy to handle but also easy to stack. It is very convenient whether it is carried with you or taken to camping.

Unfortunately, this material is not light-shielding. It is recommended to avoid placing it in direct sunlight to prevent the coffee beans from deteriorating.


10: Scale Heat-Resistant Glass Storage Canister


Intimate scale marking, the stock quantity is clear at a glance.

The main feature of this product is the use of a pure, clean transparent bottle with a different color cover. It not only allows users to choose according to their own preferences but also facilitates the distinction of capacity by color. The design is simple but contains ingenuity.

The glass bottle body with good visibility, coupled with the intimate scale and date marking block, helps to observe and manage the preservation of the coffee beans in the jar. However, since the upper cover is made of plastic, it should be dried after washing to avoid damage to the quality of the storage due to mold.


9: Tiamo Stainless Steel Coffee Bean Canister

Using high-quality 304 stainless steel, storage is not easy to taste. This stainless steel bean storage tank, launched by Tiamo, a well-known brand specializing in the production of various coffee products, has a polished bottle body, which is not easy to leave on the bottle body even if it is taken frequently. Fingerprints are very easy to clean and maintain, and the design of the additional inner cover can isolate the moisture in the air and improve the overall storage effect.

In addition, it also comes with a stainless steel spoon, so that you can easily access it without sticking to your hands, no matter whether it is filled with coffee beans or coffee powder. However, due to the material characteristics and the overall design, the contents cannot be seen. If you want to confirm the coffee stock, you must open the lid to check it. Invisibly, it will increase the chance of contact with the air, which is a shortcoming in the small beauty.


8: Great Britain Sealed Canister


Unique brand-name frame, easy to identify the contents

Earth has always been committed to developing coffee appliances that everyone can use, so that coffee culture is not limited to professionals, but a life attitude that everyone can have. The material of this product is made of high-quality stainless steel, and it is sealed with food-grade silicone. The 100% airtight effect can ensure that the storage is not damp, and the flavor is locked to extend the freshness.

The unique nameplate frame design can be used to mark the name, and it can be directly distinguished even if the contents cannot be seen. It can be said to be both intimate and convenient. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that because the top of the tank is curved and convex, it is impossible to stack items on it


7: Cores Coffee Bean Canister

Beautiful appearance like a work of art

The bean storage tank manufactured by Mino Yaki Factory in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, has a sophisticated and fashionable appearance and texture, which makes the whole exudes an art-like atmosphere. The warm-touch ceramic bottle body has excellent light-shielding and air-tightness, which can protect the contents from the influence of sunlight and oxidation, and firmly preserve the original fragrance of coffee beans.

In addition, the upper lid is also made of the same material as the can body, and the simple and ingenious design makes it easier to open. Although the capacity is only enough to store about 200g of coffee beans, it is still a good choice for single nobles or people who drink coffee less frequently.


6: ATMOS Vacuum Sealed Canister

No tools, easy to complete the vacuum

Want to preserve the original taste of the food through a vacuum method, but are you afraid that it will be too troublesome? Then this product that can be vacuumed without any auxiliary equipment is quite worthy of your reference. After putting the coffee beans into the jar, you only need to turn the upper cover back and forth in a clockwise direction, and the built-in pump can be used to extract air, moisture, and odors, which can effectively slow down oxidation and prolong the storage time.

And if you want to release the vacuum, you can easily release it by simply pressing the big round button in the middle, and the user-friendly design can be quickly learned once. In addition, the can body is made of heat-resistant high borosilicate glass, which is not only convenient for checking the remaining amount of beans, but also more convenient for cleaning and not easy to trap dirt.


5: Hario Coffee Fresh-Keeping Canister M

This is a product launched by Hario. The glass material used in the can body not only has excellent perspective but also has a heat-resistant temperature of 120 degrees. Even if it is used in microwaves, it has no burden, and it is more at ease in use.

In addition, the upper cover part has a complete airtight design, which can create a better preservation environment. As long as the small lid is opened, the coffee beans can be used, which greatly reduces the chance of a large amount of air contact every time the lid is opened. The affordable price and full convenience make it quite suitable for the petty bourgeoisie group with budget considerations.


4: Evak Glass Vacuum Coffee Canister

Both aesthetics and practicality, high sealing performance is trustworthy

This smart bean storage tank from an American brand has won many awards. Its special double air valve design, as long as the lid is pressed down, the excess air can be forcedly discharged, reducing the chance of coffee beans oxidation; and the high-sealing rubber strip can also make the lid and the tank body tightly integrated, even if it is a liquid object. Keep it safe.

On the other hand, its transparent and thick glass body can effectively prevent dryness and mold, and it is not easy to have the problem of smell remaining even after a long time. Coupled with the simple and neat appearance, whether it is placed in the kitchen or the dining table, it is a beautiful scenery. It is an ideal product with both beauty and functionality.


3: One-Way Exhaust Valve Glass Sealed Canister

The vented bean storage tank can easily "raise beans" at home. Did you know that if you want to keep coffee beans well, you don't just need to cut off the air? In fact, coffee beans can breathe! In addition to blocking the air, if the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee beans is not eliminated, even if they are sealed in the bean tank, they may still deteriorate and taste. Therefore, some people call the process of "venting" coffee beans as "bean raising". ".

And this bean storage tank has a special exhaust valve design, which can discharge air in a one-way manner without bringing in new air. It is quite suitable whether it is used to hold coffee beans or fermented food. The simple and generous square shape can be conveniently placed neatly without wasting a little space. The size of different capacity options can also become the best container for kitchen cabinets.


2: Stainless Steel One-Way Exhaust Valve Sealing Canister

The perfect display of the strength and beauty of metal materials. This product is a metal sealed can with a variety of bright colors. Not only is the appearance beautiful and generous, but also has an excellent sealing effect, so it is loved by many people who love coffee and tea. There is a turntable on the top of the lid that can mark the date, so as to record the time when the contents are put in, and to remind consumers to finish drinking within the taste period.

In addition, it also uses a one-way exhaust valve design, which can exhaust the gas in the tank with just a light press, so that the coffee beans can maintain good storage quality. The stainless steel locks on the left and right sides of the bottle can prevent the storage from being spilled due to the accidental fall of the can. Even if there are children who love to play in the family, they can buy it with peace of mind!


1. Soulhand Vaccum Coffee Canister

Super nice appearance, coexist with practicality

The most satisfying aspect of this vacuum coffee canister is its automatic vacuum function. When the coffee beans in the jar produce carbon dioxide, a special function will automatically exhaust these gases, so as to ensure that the coffee beans are in a vacuum-tight state and keep them fresh for a long time.

At the same time, the size of 1.2L and 1.6L also gives us more choices. All the manipulations only need to be performed on one interface, which can be completed by the touch of a finger.

A vacuum coffee canister that is very simple to operate, and it can also be used as a landscape on the locker. It can also be used in stacks without falling over.