How to Choose the Best Pour Over Kettle of 2021

What does coffee mean to you? Is it a life extension tool? Or a source of inspiration?

Some people are obsessed with tasting coffee; but some people will focus on how to make a good cup of coffee.

When you start to enter the world of hand brewed coffee, the gooseneck kettle is your first choice. But how to choose? This article will tell you.

Flow Rat

When choosing a coffee kettle, the most important thing is the water flow speed. Judging the quality of a kettle depends on whether it can control the water flow, not too fast, and also requires stability.

Obviously, the gooseneck coffee kettle is the best choice. It does not flow too fast, and the water flow rate can be kept stable. In this way, the aroma of coffee can be stimulated to the maximum.

The vast majority of Soulhand coffee kettles are designed with swan necks and have an elegant appearance. The spout has been modified to adapt to the direction of water flow to ensure that the poured water can flow out stably and smoothly.

Material and design

In the choice of materials, try to avoid choosing some low-quality stainless steel materials that are easy to rust.

There are some cheaper coffee pots, try not to choose, otherwise, it is very easy to rust and wear.

Here, I recommend Soulhand cloud coffee maker. In terms of material, we upgraded the bottom and upgraded from the original stainless steel to a stainless steel-aluminum-stainless steel combination of three-layer composite base; In appearance, the design of clouds and swan neck makes the whole appearance very elegant. Placed on the coffee table, the living room or even the room, it is a beautiful decoration.


At all times, products serve humanity. The use of the product must be comfortable and safe. The handle design far away from the kettle body will isolate the heat brought by the kettle body when it is heated. When pouring water, it is effortless and stable.


The capacity of most gooseneck coffee kettles is similar, but after adding a few hundred milliliters of capacity, it will also make a very big difference. The Soulhand Pour Over Coffee Kettle with Thermometer product is added 200ml on the basis of 1L, so that you can avoid having to reheat the coffee due to insufficient water when pouring, which will change the taste of the coffee.

Extra features

For the gooseneck coffee kettle, Soulhand has some other features.

The design with a thermometer allows you to precisely control the water temperature, boiling water at 80 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Celsius for brewing.

At the same time, it can adapt to most induction stoves and fires, no matter where you heat the water temperature, it can meet your requirements.

Furthermore, the fully enclosed design will not splash even when the water is boiling, which better protects your personal safety.