The Best Cold Brew Coffee in Summer


Cold Brewed Coffee, for you, is it a life-saving medicine in the summer or an initiation when you are tired?

Cold brew coffee, when done well, is an irreplaceable drink. Unfortunately, sometimes making it yourself at home is often a disaster. Too long filtering time, unsmooth taste, too much sediment and many other reasons make it extremely difficult to brew a cup of iced coffee at home.

Here are some Soulhand coffee brewers for your reference when choosing.


When seeing this cold brew pot for the first time, are you amazed by its appearance? The smooth waist shape is a work of art.

The wide bottom at the top and bottom can increase the stability of the bottom of the bottle, and the waist-retracting part in the middle is well adapted to the posture of the human hand.

Entry-level cold brew pot, you can get a cup of fresh coffee drink without any professional knowledge.

Pour in the ground coffee powder, put in ice cubes, and give the rest to the time.

After 3-4 hours, you can get 6-8 cups of fresh drinks, without any sediment, the filter will only let the water drip down slowly.

Similarly, in cleaning, all parts can be removed, cleaning without pressure, all parts can be cleaned.


SH305 is an upgraded model of this model. In terms of shape, SH301 is still waisted. But the design fluency is more crude than SH305.

Also as an entry-level cold brew pot, you can brew a cup of coffee with great flavor without any professional coffee knowledge.

The transparent glass bottle body and a completely enclosed space ensure the flavor and taste of the coffee.

In terms of capacity, it is smaller than SH305, can pour 2-4 cups, and is suitable for drinking with one or two friends.

A cold brew pot and 50 pieces of filter paper were delivered along with it.