The 6 Must-have Automatic Coffee Machines of 2021

Waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee refreshing is already a must-have for modern people! Modern people’s sense of "ceremony" in life is gradually rising. It is no longer common for every household to have a coffee machine. Whether it is a high-end nespresso or a convenient capsule coffee machine, this time we will screen what modern people must have. Lazy coffee machine, easy to get the most perfect fresh coffee, quickly look down on the recommended comparison and popular popularity ranking of coffee machines!

Coffee machine comparison and purchase guide

There are hundreds of coffee machines on the market. There are drip coffee machines and capsule coffee machines distinguished by function; there are more catchy American coffee machines and espresso machines; there are automatic coffee machines that lazy people like to search for. Of course, there are thousands of recommended coffee machines on the Internet. Which coffee machine is suitable for you? What is the difference between each type of coffee machine? Can the latest coffee machine simulate pour over coffee?

Drip coffee machine v.s Capsule coffee machine v.s Automatic coffee machine

Drip coffee machine

The drip coffee machine is actually the "American coffee machine" that everyone often refers to. You only need to spread a layer of filter paper and put in your favorite coffee powder. Then the machine itself heats cold water and brews it at a high temperature. Coffee, this brewing method can actually create a taste similar to "hand brewed coffee".

Capsule coffee machine

It is nespresso that has truly taken the capsule coffee machine by storm all over the world!

The main high-end, convenient and easy brewing mode, you only need to put in the capsule coffee, and you can easily brew all kinds of coffee by pressing a button. What's more convenient is that the capsule coffee is basically a fixed amount, and you are not afraid of spilling the coffee powder or using too much or too little; at the same time, the sealed packaging also makes the coffee powder less susceptible to moisture deterioration.

But in the same way, the capsules in the convenient capsule coffee machine are basically not “universal”, that is, if you decide to buy nespresso, you are destined to follow him forever. In addition, the capsule itself may cause a burden on the environment. In recent years, people have been opposed to one of the most important factors for capsule coffee machines.

Automatic coffee machine

Talking about fully automatic coffee machines is the gospel of lazy people!

Basically, all coffee brewing procedures can be done in one machine, from coffee bean grinding to brewing in one machine. However, most people who use fully automatic coffee machines are mostly merchants. In fact, fully automatic coffee machines can brew more perfect coffee than semi-automatic coffee machines; however, most coffee machines used in homes are mostly semi-automatic. Mainly, but the semi-automatic coffee machine has actually won the hearts of many coffee players, because the necessary "sense of participation" makes the coffee brewing process more of a heart, and you can also adjust the coffee powder according to your own preferences. quantity.

#6 – NESCAFE Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine | capsule coffee machine recommendation

I believe everyone is no stranger to Nestlé, and the beverages are super diverse!

And this Nespresso coffee capsule machine, you should see him from time to time in your life. NESCAFE is a capsule coffee machine that is recommended for families. In addition to coffee, it also introduces peach tea, matcha latte, hot cocoa, etc.

The appearance is light, and it can also be filled with ice water to make cold drinks and iced coffee. The liters of the water tank is also 1L, which is above the standard (about 4-6 cups can be brewed), and the height can be adjusted in the place where the water cup is placed. You can choose your favorite cup to brew!

In addition, the price of this Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machine is actually not high, and the value is very high for coffee novices or families! I highly recommend everyone!


#5 – Delonghi Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (MAGNIFICA ESAM 3200.S) | Recommended Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Italy's century-old classic brand-Delonghi, started from the research and development of heating systems. After a century of refinement, it has won many international awards for its coffee machines, and has become the world's number one coffee machine sales within just ten years. And this Delonghi automatic coffee machine is famous for brewing cafe-grade coffee. The exclusive patented design allows this automatic coffee machine not only to reduce the waste of coffee powder, but also to use tubeless brewing. Method to make every cup of coffee more mellow and rich. You can easily complete a variety of different coffees with one click, even milk froth is no problem!

But the problem lies in this kind of fully automatic coffee machine. Not only is it expensive, it also requires a lot of effort for subsequent maintenance and repairs. In addition, the fully automatic coffee machine itself is not light. It's inconvenient!


#4 – NESPRESSO Lattissima Touch Cream White | Recommended capsule coffee machine

I believe that owning a NESPRESSO coffee machine should be the dream of many girls.

And NESPRESSO's Lattissima Touch creamy white exterior design really captures the heart of knitting. The ultra-light exterior and ultra-simple design make it feel that every coffee feast is super beautiful!

And Nespresso's coffee machine itself does not need to worry about its functions at all, just press a button, you can brew Espresso espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc.

It can also be used with a touch screen to brew six flavorful coffees with milk!

It is really recommended for milk lovers or milk froth crazy people!

However, it’s still needs to remind that there are still environmental concerns about the capsule coffee machine, and everyone is considering it for yourself!


#3 – Jura JHome Series Fully Automatic Coffee Machine IMPRESSA A9 | Recommended Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura comes from Switzerland, which is famous for making clocks and watches, and the synonymous with high-end household appliances from Switzerland is none other than Jura. With its expertise in heating technology, it has successfully brought the concentration, professionalism and elegance of Jura coffee machines to the world.

This Jura IMPRESSA A9 fully automatic coffee machine is equipped with Aroma+'s magic bean machine and Jura's proud instant heating technology. It can easily brew 12 kinds of fancy coffee with just one button.

The exterior design is relatively lightweight and has a sense of design in terms of a fully automatic coffee machine. The feast from vision to taste truly reflects the craftsmanship spirit of the Swiss brand.

But similarly, the price of a fully automatic coffee machine is not cheap. It may be more suitable for coffee craftsmen or those who are extremely pursuing the taste of life, so it is easier to get started.


#2 – iDrip smart pour over coffee machine | Pour over coffee machine recommendation

iDrip smart hand brewing coffee machine, the main feature can "perfectly reproduce the craftsmanship of the world coffee champion", but also adopts three core technologies of precision control, champion technique, and intelligent brewing, and imitates the techniques of 20 champion baristas from around the world in an intelligent mode. Brew a cup of pour over top coffee! The most special thing is that each coffee pod with the iDrip smart hand brewing machine has an exclusive bar code, and the machine can scan this bar code to convert it into exclusive water flow speed, water volume, flushing times, water cut and other parameters. Just want you to drink champion coffee from all over the world at home! The price is within an acceptable range. On the whole, whether it is a visual feast, a taste feast, and the user experience are very good! If you are considering owning a coffee machine, I really recommend the iDrip smart pour over coffee machine!


#1 – Soulhand travel portable coffee grinder

If you don't want to put a giant in your home, then you must consider this travel coffee grinder. Highly recommended! ! !

In terms of function, it combines the advantages of 5 in 1, combining grinding, brewing, and drinking. The gooseneck kettle, grinder, filter cup, and drinking cup are omitted. It is very suitable for the desire to have a cup of coffee anytime, anywhere when traveling outdoors or at home.

During the trip, in camping, in the hotel on business trip, you don't want to be dismissed casually by a cup of instant coffee, then you must try this travel coffee grinder.