Pour Over Kettle Reviews of 2021

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When choosing the most suitable coffee maker for yourself or your family, you need to check a lot of reviews. Understand the advantages of the product and choose the most suitable one.

Below, we have selected the most detailed comments for your reference only. (From real customer review)

Bone Pilot

Really like this new kettle. I had an expensive matte black pour over kettle but it started to look rather bad. This one looks great in our kitchen. Wife approved. Pours a steady smooth stream. Clean it first, I boiled water then wiped with a paper towel. Towel was covered in a little black residue.


Louanna Salvaggio

I've only used this a few times but I really like it so far. I like that it's not a huge kettle and the pouring spout is great. I'm making coffee for one person so the size is great and if I want more I can quickly heat up another pot and have a fresh cup. I have an electric stove and the bottom is the exact size of my small burner which I think is great as well as the handle has never gotten hot from being partially over a burner. And it's a cool feature. I use it for pour over coffee and for tea. Being able to have the right temperature for the water is a wonderful feature and is actually what led me to buy this.



My husband loves to have coffee every day but not me so I don't use the machine every time. And he prefers manually brewed coffee more often. So I bought this. This little set is super cute and super easy to use plus super easy to clean. The quality of everything is solid and superior. Came along with 50 paper filters as well. And makes good coffee.



This is my first cold drip brewer. I received it from my wife as a gift. I have a lot of different gadgets for brewing coffee. I was very excited to add this to my collection. In the evening or during the summer months I love iced coffee. I normally brew hot coffee and then put the carafe in the refrigerator after it's cooled to room temperature. This device eliminates that process and brews a very strong and clean tasting coffee. The instructions call for a disc filter to be placed on top of the coffee beans for better dispersion. Rather than using the disc filter, I make a slurry with medium-sized ground coffee and water and pour that into the included filter cup and then set the drip rate to about 1 drip per second. The takes a while to brew but you can either start this process a few hours before bed time or place the setup in the refrigerator overnight. Such delicious coffee. I'm very pleased with this product. And kudos to my wife for such an awesome gift!



It’s a nifty little thing that lets you grind your coffee, and make a pour over. The grinds are more even than I expected. It uses a metal mesh. Little details such as the little spout cut out for pouring and adjustable grind size is nice. The top also fits right back on the cup after you make the coffee.
Not for every day if you have faster grinding options but it’s a nice travel companion for people who loves coffee.