How to drink espresso?


Many people think espresso is bitter, but you have not learned how to taste espresso.

Espresso in Italian means "fast", that is, it is obtained in a short time and high-pressure extraction. Espresso originated in Italy. Together with "fashion and food", it is regarded as the three national treasures of Italy. The espresso coffee invented at the beginning has a bitter taste and with a burnt taste, it was not until the 1940s that the taste and quality of espresso were completely changed and improved.

Compared with pour over coffee, espresso is characterized by a strong and fast taste. It cannot distinguish the flavors of high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature like pour over coffee. After all, it is finished before it cools down.

Secondly, the high concentration created by the low ratio also makes the espresso drink strong and strong, and it is difficult to detect too much flavor (there are also espresso with more complex and clear flavor).

In addition, espresso caffeine is extracted under high pressure to produce its unique product "Crema", which also provides a unique taste experience for espresso from espresso machine as well.

Therefore, when drinking espresso, we are more inclined to taste its tactile texture, aroma and aftertaste, plus a few obvious flavors. Ps: Cleanliness and balance are the passing line. Espresso is not clean enough and unbalanced is fatal.

 How to taste espresso?

  1. Under normal circumstances, espresso will be produced with ice water. Before drinking espresso, drink a mouthful to rinse your mouth and clean your mouth to better feel the espresso.
  1. Then use the equipped spoon to stir the espresso, the coffee liquid at the bottom of the espresso will be more viscous, and the surface part will be thinner. Stir and mix evenly to better taste the espresso. Of course, you can feel different taste and layers without stirring.
  1. Divide the espresso into 3 to 4 mouthfuls. Use your tongue to rub the palate to feel the touch of the espresso, and use both sides of your tongue to feel the acidity of the espresso. Combine various tastes and senses to taste the overall state.
  1. Close your mouth after drinking and feel the aroma of espresso and the residual rhyme left in your mouth.
  1. Finally, gargle with water and feel the sweetness of coffee.

How to make American coffee?

American coffee in espresso is actually the product of espresso diluted with water.

However, the ratio of espresso to water varies according to the different eating habits and coffee beans used in different places.

Taking Soulhand as an example, 20g of coffee powder will extract 40g of coffee liquid in 28 seconds. Then add 240g of water in a ratio of 1:6. In this way, the American coffee is complete.

So, have you learned how to drink espresso? Make a cup at home anytime, anywhere, soulhand provides you with a portable espresso maker.