How to Choose A Coffee Grinder

When choosing a coffee grinder, what do you value more?


Generally speaking, coffee grinders can be divided into the following types according to the grinding method: blade grinder, burr grinder, and manual grinder.

Blade grinder will be more like simply chopping coffee beans, the longer the grinding time, the finer the coffee powder will be. This will be more suitable for beginners, but simple two blades will not allow you to get the same size coffee powder as burr blades. They tend to be irregular. The only advantage is that they are smaller and cheaper.



Burr grinder can provide better stability and consistency. This kind of grinder does not slice, but it grinds coffee beans into powder, and ground through flat disks or conical burrs that nest inside each other. This method will give you a stronger, more balanced flavor. At the same time, depending on the settings in your burr grinder, you can make good coffee powder for your espresso machine, cold brewer or French press. Finally, the price of burr grinder will be higher, but compared to blade grinder, this is still the best choice recommended by most experts.



Finally, compared to the above two types, the hand grinder is the smallest and the most affordable. By turning the handle, the burrs grind the coffee beans, but this is also recognized as the most time-consuming and energy-consuming. However, by manual, you can precisely control the size and uniformity of the ground coffee powder. In terms of noise reduction, manual grinding is a win over the first two.


Below, here are a few products that can be recommended to everyone.




A travel coffee grinder that combines a burr grinder with a brewing cup, and a drip kettle, electric grinder, filter and tumbler cup in one. 

When driving, camping, traveling or at home, a small package can be carried with you.

The burr edge is used to grind the coffee beans more finely and evenly. The taste of brewing will be more mellow and fresh. About three or two friends, sitting together outdoors, chatting, just take out the Soulhand coffee grinder from the bag, put the coffee beans in, press the button, after a few minutes, you can get a cup of fine coffee powder, pour it in Boiling water, the filter will automatically separate the coffee grounds, and you can get a cup of fresh coffee.