What is the difference between French press and pour over coffee?

The way coffee is made is basically the extraction method: soaking (with water) or filtering. French press belongs to the former. Pour over belongs to the latter.

In the extraction stage of coffee, the first is salty, then sour, and finally sweet. Because the size of the molecules is different, when it comes into contact with water, the salt will dissolve first, then the acidic substances, and finally the macromolecular ones, Sugar.  This explains why some people feel sour after rushing for 2 minutes, because they only rush to the stage of sourness, and the sweetness has not come out much, and it is not enough to balance the sourness.

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French press pot

The advantage of French press is that it is simple, with a certain thickness of powder, a certain temperature of water, and a certain time, the coffee made is not bad. The overall feeling is full and heavy. But the problem is that the taste is generally not pure enough and not clean enough.

The method of soaking greatly increases the contact time between water and coffee powder, and extracts more substances. At the same time, it is bound to make the extraction process uncontrollable. Some powders are over-extracted and some are not enough. What you said is rich, and you don't rule out the full flavor of the coffee itself, but it is probably also related to this "not pure enough". Insufficiency of cleanliness, of course, includes the unclean filtering of powder residue, as well as the impure taste mentioned above.

The temperature and time are basically completely controllable; there is not much attention to the kettle and brewing technique. As long as you adjust the thickness of the coffee powder particles, you can basically make coffee that meets the taste or the bean flavor well. Another key point is that the filter is better.

Pour over kettle

The pour over method requires more delicate operation to experience the aroma of coffee powder at each stage, and the reward is that the coffee made is clearer and more mellow in both visual and taste. And it is often a layered incense. It's like the top and back notes of a perfume. Of course, the premise is that you have to master the correct pour over method and practice a lot. Because the fineness of pour over is that there are some fine-tuning methods for the degree of extraction in a certain operation process to ensure that the extraction is complete and just right. There are requirements for pour over kettles, filter cups, filter paper, time, temperature, and techniques. For novices, if you want to drink coffee that meets your own taste, or coffee that can really show the taste of beans, it takes a considerable period of exercise, mainly by means. As for the results, there will definitely be a gap, the most basic point is that it will definitely be cleaner than the French press.

Generally speaking, the difference between French pressure pot and Pour over kettle can be summarized as the following points.

1. Extraction method: French pressure pot is considered to be immersed coffee liquid, while pour over coffee is filtered.

2. Taste: The taste of coffee made by French press will be more rich and single at the same time; while the pour over coffee will have a thousand faces and a richer taste.

3. Convenience: Of course, the French press is known as the method of lazy coffee. You only need to put the coffee powder into the filter cup and let the water fully soak; while the pour over coffee needs to boil water, use your own technique Brewing it out. It will be more cumbersome in the process.