Is ice drip coffee better for you?

The hot summer is here, and then I want to have a cup of iced coffee. But if you are a person who has drunk ice drip coffee, then you will definitely linger on the unique smooth taste and mellow characteristics, and you will fall in love with ice drip coffee!

Let’s take a look at what ice drip coffee is and what are its benefits. Is ice drip coffee the same as iced coffee?

What is ice drip coffee?

Ice drip coffee, is the coffee liquid obtained by extracting the ground coffee powder drop by drop with ice cubes, and then filtering it out. Some use a mixture of ice and water to extract coffee powder, and the time is even extended to 48 hours. Since the coffee made in this way has not been subjected to high temperature, the tannins that originally caused the "astringent" coffee taste will basically not dissolve, and the acidity is low, so the taste will be softer and smoother.

But at this time, many people will confuse ice drip coffee with iced coffee. The reason is that we understand that iced coffee is extracted with hot water, and then ice cubes or ice is added to make the coffee change from hot temperature to ice. The traditional concept of coffee. The biggest difference of ice drip coffee is the coffee liquid obtained by low-temperature extraction using ice water throughout the process. Although it takes a long time to extract coffee at low temperature, this process can greatly reduce the acidity and bitterness, making the flavor more sweet and mellow. Not only that, the low-acidity coffee made by cold extraction at low temperature can not only protect the teeth. Enamel is also less harmful to the stomach.

In addition, cold water can extract less coffee oils and compounds, and of course there will be less caffeine, so ice drip coffee is classified as a beverage with lower caffeine. However, considering that the extraction time is so long, of course, more caffeine should be dissolved. In fact, it is difficult to calculate the difference between the extraction time and the temperature. If you need to consider other factors such as the grinding scale, then it is even more difficult, so the issue of the amount of caffeine is still inconclusive.

Is there a difference in the flavor of ice drip coffee?

The extraction process of coffee is generally through high temperature extraction, which will cause the tannic acid in the coffee to decompose into pyrogallic acid, causing bitterness and sourness. However, ice drip coffee can be reduced by about 67% in this respect compared to coffee extracted at high temperature due to low temperature extraction, and the long-term contact between water and coffee powder at low temperature makes only small flavor substances such as flower and fruit aromas extracted. Larger flavors such as smoke and roasting are difficult to extract, so ice drip coffee can drink the coffee beans' flavor more smoothly, with obvious layered flavor, and obvious sweetness.

Is ice drip coffee healthier?

There is a saying that because the coffee has not been extracted at high temperature, the impurities in the coffee are less extracted. It is compared to coffee extracted at high temperature. It's kinder to the stomach. In addition, ice drip generally have slightly lower caffeine (for example, Starbucks Grande iced coffee contains 225mg of caffeine, and ice drip contains 200mg).

Finally, some friends may ask, what is the difference between ice drip coffee and cold brew coffee? Actually ice drip coffee is a branch of cold brew coffee, please refer to here for details.Therefore, for friends who often drink coffee and cause gastrointestinal discomfort, you can try using a drip coffee maker to make an ice drip coffee.