9 of The Best Portable Coffee Makers

Coffee is already a daily necessities for many people. Many people drink coffee from the original curiosity, refreshing, and now purely love the taste of coffee. Compared to buying coffee in a coffee shop, making your own coffee is cost-effective and fun.

There are many kinds of portable coffee artifacts. The simplest one can use coffee hanging ear filter paper and Burton method to press the cup travel package; the more complicated one is the small electric ceramic stove plus an Italian moka pot. Now there are many brands that offer hand pressure. Portable or electric portable espresso machines, such as the popular WACACO portable coffee machines used by many people, and Staresso portable coffee pots, equipped with smart adapters, OMNICUP electric portable coffee machines that can brew 50 cups of coffee, etc. .

The portable coffee maker is divided into electric type and manual type according to the power source.

According to the type of coffee used, there are two types: coffee powder and coffee capsules.


The portable coffee making tools that will be mentioned next:

Coffee Filter Cup

Moka Pot

WACACO Portable Coffee Maker

STARESSO Portable Coffee Maker

OMNICUP Electric Portable Coffee Maker

Oceanrich Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

North American Electric Mini All-in-One Coffee maker

NICOH Portable Coffee Maker

Soulhand Portable 5 IN 1 Travel Coffee Maker


  1. Coffee Filter Cup

The coffee filter cup can be simply understood as a cup with a filter. You can make tea or coffee. The principle is the same as that of tea. The advantage is that it is cheap and easy to use. It has the function of taking out the coffee maker and coffee cup.

  1. Moka Pot

The moka pot makes the pressurized steam pass directly through the coffee powder cake, and through the coffee powder cake, extracting the inner essence of coffee. Although the moka pot can inject hot water into the medium-fine ground coffee powder without using very high air pressure, it cannot be regarded as a concentrated extraction strictly speaking. Rather close to the drip type, the coffee made by the moka pot is still It has the strength and flavor of Italian coffee Espresso.

Many people didn't know how to use the Moka pot when they first started using it, and what was the principle. It's actually very simple. Look at the two pictures below. That is, the coffee powder is filled with water and heated on an electric ceramic stove or gas stove. The moka pot is very fast, and it always makes people feel that the coffee is ready in less than 1 minute.

  1. WACACO Portable Coffee Maker

Wacaco was founded in Hong Kong, mainly focusing on the development and sales of portable espresso machine related products. Everyone should be familiar with this brand, and it is used by many people in China. This brand has two portable coffee machines, one with a twist type and the other with a hand pressure type. Hand pressure is the more popular one. The working principle of the coffee machine is to use the suction when rotating to make the hot water penetrate the coffee powder, without the need of an electric device, just by manually pressing the piston, a cup of espresso can be made simply and conveniently.

  1. STARESSO Portable Coffee Maker

Staresso is a push-type espresso maker that produces coffee by manually pressing the pressure. The inner tank is made of stainless steel, coffee powder and coffee capsules. The coffee made is rich in oils and fats. It has won the German Red Dot Design Award.

  1. OMNICUP Electric Portable Coffee Machine

The biggest difference from the portable coffee maker described above is that this is an electric coffee machine, but it does not need to be connected to a socket when it is used, because the coffee maker is equipped with a power adapter, and it can also support charging for various devices such as mobile phones. It can make 50 cups of coffee when fully charged. Provides a stable pressure of 15bar, dual use of coffee powder and coffee capsules. Food-grade stainless steel inner tank is a highly rated product.

  1. Oceanrich Automatic Drip Coffee Machine

This is an American-style extraction cup, a bit like a semi-automatic hand-made cup. The ratio of coffee powder and water is designed for this extraction cup. You only need to add coffee powder and water in the corresponding place. After the water is added to the sink, the filling speed is and time is controlled by machines. The operation is very simple.

  1. North American Appliances Mini All-in-one Coffee Maker

The North American Electric Mini All-in-One Coffee Maker is a bit similar to the STARESSO portable coffee maker. It is also hand-pressed and has a pressure of 18 bar. It can be used for milk froth. It is also a combination of powder and capsules. A cost-effective one.

  1. NICOH Portable Coffee Maker

The two main features of NICOH’s portable coffee machine UI are integrated electric grinder for coffee brewing and USB charging. First of all, USB charging is really super convenient, and it is easy to last when going out; this machine can also grind coffee powder, save a grinder, and can also make coffee. The upper and lower cups are made of 304 stainless steel, magnetic contact type charging, full power can make 15-20 cups of coffee.

  1. Soulhand Portable 5 IN 1 Travel Coffee Maker

We have recommended this product many times.

Soulhand portable travel coffee grinder. Powerful, it integrates pour over kettle, grinder, filter paper, and coffee cup in one. It is very convenient to carry, no need to bring all the coffee utensils.