12 Best Portable Espresso Makers of 2021

There is no workday that cannot be solved by a cup of coffee. If so, then two, three, four or five cups.

In film and television in the early 1990s, upstart males wore gold chains and dated girls. When they put down their big phone, they would ask the waiter for a cup of coffee. It's petty bourgeoisie, sentiment, a taste and social status that don't need to spend too much money. If elementary school students have the courage to drink coffee, they will be respected by their peers.

Now, coffee and wine have become the water of life for young people, a 24-hour freedom to spend money. And lazy productivity makes people who are not satisfied with instant solutions come up with portable coffee makers. After all, for coffee lovers, the poor cannot be moved.

Top 1: Soulhand Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

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This is the only electric portable espresso machine among the 12 recommended today. It has the function of coffee powder and coffee capsule, and at the same time, the pressure of 18 Bar can produce rich Crema.

Among the 12 models, it is the most powerful. Of course, because it is electric, it is less fun than manual compression. The price is $89.99, which is the most cost-effective one in terms of practicality.


Top 2: Staresso 3rd Generation Portable Coffee Maker

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staresso espresso maker

This thing that looks a lot like a rocket launcher is the third portable coffee maker launched by Staresso, which has a more technological sense than the shape of the vacuum cup of the previous two generations.

This brand has won the German Red Dot Design Award, the IF Design Award, and the Asian Outdoor Industry Award... It is a domestic brand that is popular in the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea, and is even collected by the Korean Coffee Museum. The weight of 600g should be considered very portable, and it has a capacity of 200ml + double cup design, making two cups of coffee at the same time is no problem.

By the way, this is a hand-pressing maker, that is, an unplugged one. It only needs coffee powder, hot water and hand pressure to drink coffee. You can also adjust the pressure by rotating the bottom, and the low pressure can simulate a pour over.


Top 3: Oceanrich Automatic Drip American Portable Coffee Maker

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oceanrich coffee maker

The picture above is actually a premium version of Oceanrich, which is not convenient to carry. But in fact, if you leave it at home or in the office, it doesn't take up any space. The most important thing is that it looks good! And it claims to be a master pour over.

There are also contempt chains in the coffee industry. The common ones are single-product hand brewing> espresso> American> other fancy coffees. Of course, instant coffee is always at the bottom end of the contempt chain.

But the props of pour over coffee are actually very simple, manual grinder + fine-spout kettle + sharing pot + filter bowl + filter paper.

In addition to these, this coffee maker has a button to turn on automatic rotation, and it will automatically shut down in seven minutes. There is also a compact one without a filter bowl, so you need to pick it up with your own cup, which is more convenient to carry, and the price is reduced by half.


Top 4: MYPRESSI TWIST Portable Coffee Maker

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MYPRESSI TWIST handled coffee maker

This one resembles a pipe and a sex toy. It is also a coffee maker. Other espresso makers require a large volume of high-pressure processing, but this brand uses gas bombs to accomplish this, and the device is hidden in a small handle, which can generate 9 bars of pressure.

The gas bomb can be bought directly online, one can be used four or five times, the original gas bomb is known to be made of 100% stainless steel. The method of operation is the same as other Italian styles, the coffee powder is compacted, hot water is injected, the gas bomb is launched, and the coffee is caught. This one is also equipped with a diverter, so you can make two cups at the same time. It looks small, but it weighs more than 2 kg, so you can lift this like iron. But the price does make me…..emm…


Top 5: Barsetto Tripresso American Portable Coffee Maker

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Barsetto Tripresso

Speaking of the despise chain of the coffee industry just now, I asked the barista. He said that this will be traced to several waves of coffee. The first is the popularity of instant coffee, and the rise of an espresso in various coffee shops has a higher acceptance. After that, the concept of specialty coffee began to appear, and everyone began to pursue a more mellow taste, and there was pour over coffee.

Among them, American coffee is Espresso with water. Therefore, the Italians started to complain about this approach. This is why Starbucks did not open its first store in Italy until a few years ago.

The Barsetto Tripresso is a rare American-style coffee machine, but it's not bad. There is a hand pressure lever at the top to heat water and squeeze coffee powder or capsules. But what I have to say is that it looks pretty ugly. And coupled with the operating actions, it's hard not to be crooked.


Top 6: Wacaco Nanopresso Third Generation Espresso Maker

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 wacaco espresso

This should be the most popular portable coffee maker, whether it is weight, shape, or color selection. This is developed by a company with nearly 20 years of coffee roasting experience. There are also a variety of coffee beans, capsules, and filter hangers to choose from in the flagship store.

This one has a lot of colors to choose from, as well as the "Global Journey Series" designed with a French designer. The middle of the fuselage looks like the eyes of a little yellow man. It is a rotary lock of a piston. You can put coffee powder or capsules in, and lock it to start coffee making. But looking at this picture, I always feel that the way coffee is made is like a penguin puff...


Top 7: Handpresso Wild Hybrid French Press Portable Coffee Maker

Price: $189.11    Buy Now

Don't say anything, let's take a look at the price first. Even if there are two-in-one pour over coffee, constant pressure mug, four espresso cups, napkins, and the matching bags are all leather, the price is still hard to throw into the shopping cart without blinking… However, not being able to afford it does not prevent you from understanding why it is so expensive.

This is a French brand that has won 7 international design awards, such as the German IF Design Award, the French Observer Award, the Danish Formland Award and the American Green Travel Award. Handpresso's slogan is: Espresso, everywhere.

This simple and portable coffee maker designed by the research and development team can reach 16 atmospheres manually, and with coffee powder, it can make coffee with the same quality as a professional coffee machine. And more creatively, Handpresso also specially designed a portable coffee maker for cars, Handpresso Auto.


Top 8: Omnicup Portable Electric Capsule Coffee Maker

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omnicup espresso maker

I mentioned bar and air pressure above, it generally refers to the hydrostatic pressure exerted by a gas on a certain point. The source is the gravity of the air in the atmosphere, that is, the atmospheric pressure per unit area.

Bar is its common unit. The commonly used espresso maker is generally controlled at 9 bar, and the duration is about 25-30 seconds. If the pressure is higher, the time required will be shorter.

This is a portable coffee maker that claims to have a 15 bar, semi-automatic, capsule and coffee powder can be used. It can be charged through a type-c data cable, and about 50 cups of coffee can be made once it is fully charged. Unlike other homes, Omnicup also said in the product introduction that it can be used to make rose tea, wolfberry tea, and with its shape, it is becoming more and more old-fashioned...


Top 9: Nomad Espresso Maker Unplugged Portable Hand Press Coffee Machine

Price: $$$    

 nomad coffee maker

Every time I make a recommendation for TOP 12, I hope to have a crowdfunding product that does not rely on Internet celebrities and is purely brain-powered. This Nomad is, is it like a building block toy? Relying on manual pumping and pressurizing, the operation is laborious. There is a pressure gauge on the top, it is a very unplugged machine.

But to be honest, many crowdfunded creative products have seen their fate in appearance. This one is only found on websites for the time being, and it costs about $300. Just take a look.


Top 10: Chemex Pour Over Kettle

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chemex pour over

Well, it's high-end pour over coffee again, the equipment really has a kind of craftsmanship. Chemex is an American brand known to many hand brewing enthusiasts, and even many baristas use this in their training.

Many people will say, isn’t this just a pot? I can’t say that, isn’t it a bag with or without a logo? There are 1-3 people and 4-6 people with different capacities to choose from. It is very suitable for sharing in the office. After all, eating alone is not conducive to the maintenance of workplace relationships.

But when it comes to portability, it shouldn't count.


Top 11: Nathöme Portable Espresso Maker



This is a Nordic brand, in addition to coffee machines, cooking machines, bread machines and other small appliances. But to be honest, the portable coffee machine is the ugliest in it.

There is a button on the top. After adding coffee powder or capsules and hot water, you can make coffee semi-automatically. It is not much different from other brands, just because it is a Nordic brand, it needs a name.


Top 12: ACA Portable Espresso Maker

Price: $26.11    Buy Now   

ACA espresso maker

Finally, this flashlight-looking coffee machine is the cheapest one in today's TOP 12, and in addition to the basic functions of a portable espresoo maker, the pumping component can be used alone to make milk froth. This is to a certain extent than semi-automatic, you can play more tricks. And it is said to have a manual pressure of 18 bar.

There are only two colors in black and white, which is very business style. Unlike other coffee machines that can only wash part of the parts, this one can be washed all over the body. Prevent those who let it dust because "this is so difficult to clean" find reasons.